Quickly attract and convert paying customers by prominently displaying your business the very moment people intend buying a product or service you offer.

To do this you need a website built so it's seen by a steady flow of customers and written clearly using words that convert them.
Connect. Convert. Grow.

You get the lot!

  • A new website that is easily updated or modified
  • Hosted by a local South Australian company
  • Custom designed to meet your existing or new brand strategy
  • Custom domain name for branding and promotion
  • A website people can easily find and read on any electronic device
  • A website that allows people to easily follow and share information about you
  • Down-to-earth local South Australian backup and technical support
  • High visibility on all search engines such as Google
  • Free website traffic from search engines such as Google
  • High functionality and satisfaction for people browsing your website
  • The best words to get your main message across
  • Planning and development of your content
  • Website design planning and layout
  • High-quality, royalty free images
  • Analysis of competitor websites
  • Analysis of popular words and phrases people use to find you
  • Regular updates about how your new website is performing
  • Antivirus Protection
  • 100% GET ME SEEN Website Health Score

Powerful business websites are just the beginning...

Every small step is a giant leap. Let us help you.

Now that you're getting seen, it's worth considering other useful marketing tactics to help quickly engage and cultivate a steady flow of new customers.
We’ve simplified the process for you, by separating our marketing services into occasional bite-size pieces.
Simply pick-n-choose the marketing help you need, at your own pace and as your budget allows.
They’re all designed to cross-fertilise and increase your sales.
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Yes please, extra help!

We’ll get you seen by using the tactics explained below in our Fat Sparrow Marketing videos


Fat Sparrow Marketing
Factors affecting your ability to be seen


Plus, your new business website will have a guaranteed GMS Website Health Score of 100% to confirm you’re getting seen and quickly attracting new customers

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People are spoilt for choice and it's easy to worry over whether you'll be seen and attract new customers

Stress no more. GET ME SEEN is here to help you overcome the challenges of modern marketing.

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Our Story

Help us bust the status quo in the web design industry. We believe everyone should have a great business website. It’s not fair what the industry charges you to get one. We build business websites every day and you don’t

We get that.

You have no idea how a website is built and what it’s worth. Do you have the time to teach yourself what you need to know?

You don’t.

So how do you compare and know you are being offered a fair price?

You can’t.

That’s how easy it is to pay too much for a website

Connect. Convert. Grow. Want to fatten your sales? Market smarter and get it done with a highly visible, lead-driven business website. Book yours now by calling Jeremy on

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