Welcome to the creative community of GET ME SEEN, an affordably fresh and simple approach to marketing.

GET ME SEEN is your go-to for a high-quality, affordable range of bite-size marketing services designed for people who want simple yet effective occasional help.

We believe giving more people affordable access to great marketing will reduce the failure rate of younger or smaller businesses.

To achieve this we have eliminated the traditional agency model and replaced it with a creative community of independent professionals.

This reduces overheads whilst increasing creative freedom, producing unique work at a fair price.

For the first time in a long time, small business owners and operators can now access the high-level creative help they need to get themselves seen, without the high-level price tag.

Breaking the mould of the traditional agency model, GET ME SEEN is a creative community of like-minded professionals who are super-talented at what they do, but work independently and come together on projects only as they’re needed.

This keeps overheads to a bare minimum which is great news for small business – but there’s more.

By remaining independent everyone keeps their creative freedom, which positively impacts the results for clients because they always get something unique.

If you’re out sight, you’re out of mind.

Whilst that message has never been clearer, the ability to be creative and get seen should not be for a select few.

Backed by the expertise of Fat Sparrow Marketing, GET ME SEEN gets you seen.